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 Overview of Courses Taught

Computer Applications

Semester Course

Students will learn the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. They will edit letters, format tables, create budgets, graphs, pie charts, perform a mail merge with a database of contacts, create a menu, design a brochure, write a fan letter and more! Lessons will require basic knowledge of opening, closing, and saving files.

Computer Applications II

Semester Course

Students will combine programs and work with a few at a time. They will incorporate Microsoft Word with Excel or Access in completing a mail merge. Using more than one program at a time and multitasking will be essential in this course. Students are expected to already know how to use all the programs taught in Computer Applications I. This course will have students working with more than one application and learning how you can create bigger projects with the use of more than one application. Projects will be tailored to the interests of the students taking the course.  Some projects will include making a music video slideshow of student created pictures, student voice over PowerPoint presentation, a catalog of fashionable home-made t-shirt designs and more!


Semester Course

Students will be introduced to the basic marketing principles. The 4 P’s of Marketing, Visual merchandising, product planning and placement, a variety of marketing materials like calendars, flyers, brochures, business cards, menus and t-shirts will be created, designed and published using Microsoft Publisher. Students will be required to participate in DECA and attend monthly meetings with the DECA club.


Semester Course

Students will understand the basics of starting their very own business from all aspects of establishing and maintaining a business.  They will learn from other entrepreneurs and stay up to date on the latest technology and trends. “Shark Tank” will drive this course and spark interest into putting ideas into practice. Students will be encouraged to apply for various entrepreneurship scholarships like the ACT-SO.


Semester Course

Students enrolled in this class will learn all the basics of typing. Correct posture and finger placement on the keys will constantly be emphasized and practiced. Various typing programs and websites will assist in improving each students’ Words Per Minute and accuracy goals. Personal portfolios and ongoing practice will be monitored as each learner will have tailored goals to meet individualized and personalized instruction.  Microsoft Word and Google Docs will be used to practice typing individually and collaboratively with the teacher and peers.

Google Apps

Semester Course

Students will collaborate and work together on all lessons in this class. Students should be a team player and enjoy working with others and be open to comments by the teacher and peers. Google Docs, Slides and Sheets will be learned and collaboration emphasized.  A portion of the course will be taken through Google’s Online Digital Application website where together we will complete Google’s Lessons and tailor topics to fit our liking.

Sports Business Management

Semester Course

Students enrolled in this course will be introduced to the basics of business management tailored to a sports minded individual. All lessons will focus on the operation of various sports like basketball, hockey, football, soccer, and tennis to name a few. A possible trip to the Madison Square Garden and the operation of a sports events and the behind the scenes look may be available for students to attend.

Work Based Learning

Semester Course

The work-based learning course is designed to introduce students to various career clusters and exploration. They will be given the opportunity to work first hand on occupational skills as well as academic skills that will prepare them personally and professionally.  Students will have the opportunity to earn a paycheck and graduation credits at the same time. Resume writing, job searches, and interviewing skills will be some of the many topics discussed and developed.

Financial Literacy

Semester Course

Students will learn the basics of credit, debt, credit cards, banking, checking accounts, saving accounts, how to balance a check book, the three credit reporting agencies, fraud, identity theft, saving, stocks, bonds, and more. Students will be given the opportunity to plan and maintain their very own excel budget spreadsheet.  They will learn how and where money is made; many government websites like the FDIC and the US treasury will be visited and incorporated into the lessons giving students real world applications to use.

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