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1. Do not login other accounts. No hacking/cheating will be tolerated.
2. Three strikes and your out! 3 write ups from other teachers or 3 complaints from other players and your out of the competition.
3. If Nitro Type bans you, you are removed from the competition. I will not email them to restore your account.

T d.


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NitroType is a typing website. I was introduced to it by a student in 2018. There are many great typing websites but I fell in love with this one in particular. Members on Nitrotype compete in car races. The faster you type, the faster you make it to the finish line where you earn cash and other great rewards! You start off with a gray "rent a car" we call it. Nothing special. After your first race and with a little bit of practice you earn Nitrotype cash to go out and buy a new ride! Some cars take certain levels and time to earn. You would have to view the dealership to check what you can afford. Like my Gotham for example! See below!! I had to save a lot of cash and earn a HIGH level for that one!














You can paint your car as well usually for $700 but depending on the ride it costs more! I remember spending over a million dollars to paint my Gotham! You will definitely get hooked on this website! There's another thing called a Nitro. Nitros are great because you can skip a word when typing. I like to save those on a very long word so I can beat my students! But to be honest with you, I have a couple students who do not use Nitros and beat me!  To make the game even more fun and exciting, I started doing challenges. I want to ensure my students are not only in class typing but typing on a daily basis. This is a challenge but I mastered a way to motivate and reward my students to type daily! 

My solution - The Nitrotype Challenge!

Click on each one of our Nitrotype Challenges below for more info!

To sign up and type with us, visit

My screen name is wtodoric9.

Rewards for the students are paid by my wonderful donors and supporters of my classroom including myself! I post many Donors Choose projects that fund these rewards for the highest student typist level assigned by me. Detailed rules are found in the student access section of this website including names of the top weekly typists. Each challenge is different. I usually get ideas from the students on what they would like to type/compete for...

Items that motivate them include AirPods, PS4Pro. Xbox, GameStop Gift Cards, Laptops, Tablets, Iphones, GoPro's and more! 

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