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After being let go as a tenured computer teacher, (RIF (reduction In Force, Ms. Todoric went to work in the Jail. She spent a couple months there and then found another teaching job. She teaches at Mount Vernon High School.  Back in the environment she loves, she currently teaches Entrepreneurship, CFM and Integrated Office Apps.
She remembers asking her students to help her come up with another name to her Business and because she no longer taught in a computer classroom, they decided, The Cool Classroom, keeping the TCC name. She is grateful and thanks her students everyday. Without their ideas and help, this website and YT channel wouldn't exist. Thank you. 



The Computer Classroom
The Computer Classroom was located in Dobbs Ferry, NY on the campus of The Childrens Village in the Greenburgh Eleven UFSD. It was created during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. Ms. Todoric needed a way to reach her students and provide them with enough educational resources and lessons in Technology. Unfortunately, it has closed down and under new administration.

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Ms. Wendy E. Todoric

Business/Computer Instructor

Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Author & Realtor


TpT Meet-Up in New York City.


An Academic’s Story

As a well-known authority in her field of study, Wendy Todoric is recognized for a myriad of scholarly accomplishments and a commitment to continually developing her teaching practice. With a passion for discovering new findings and sharing knowledge, she's made a significant impact in her field and higher education as a whole.

For many, the professors they encounter in college and post-grad become significantly influential figures for the rest of their lives. Wendy Todoric had this experience with many mentors throughout her educational background, which ultimately solidified her decision to pursue a career in teaching and academia.

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